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Andrew Lo

•Power Mapping •Understanding Power and Privilege •Know History Know Self

A Kansas City native, Andrew Lo is the Youth Programs Manager at OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates. In his role, Andrew engages the next generation of Asian Pacific Americans by coordinating OCA's national Internship, APA Y: Advocate, and APIA U: Leadership Programs.

Prior to joining OCA, Andrew managed programs and operations for the Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership (CAPAL) working to encourage Asian American and Pacific Islander participation in public service. Andrew double majored in Philosophy and Biology at Saint Louis University. Outside of the classroom he served as president of SLU’s Asian American Association connecting AAPI communities and working to promote social justice for all.


Ben Nguyen

•Be a Man: Unpacking the Asian-American Male Experience

Ben Nguyen currently works at Four Winds Interactive. He served in the MAASU ECC and over the years, has immersed himself in the study of identity and intersectionality. In specific, he has struggled through understanding the nuances of being an Asian-American male in a hypermasculine world. At MAASU, he wants to offer a space for Asian-American males to have a conversation about the struggles they face on a daily basis through a feminist lense. He hopes to highlight the complexity of gender roles and build personal awareness towards introspection and allyship. He believes that Asian-American males can be extremely influenced by toxic masculinity and without a space to unpackage this heavy issue, he is afraid that it will continue to go overlooked, misunderstood, and perpetuated.


Blu Mays

•Anti-blackness and the Struggling Relationship Between Asians and Black Americans

Born in Kawasaki, Japan, Blu moved to the US at the age of 6 and grew up in Colorado. She attended CU Boulder and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She partakes in Japanese American events and has a voice for biracial people within the community.

Brent Sabati.jpg

Brent Sabati

•Financial Empowerment Principles

Brent is a financial advisor out of Colorado Springs. He was born and raised in Hawaii, and has lived in other places such as California and Japan. In his free time, he enjoys fishing and is currently a co-host on a podcast with a friend from college.


Calvin Sun

•Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling: Public Speaking & Social Etiquette 101 •Asian Americans & Sex

ER Doctor, TED Speaker, former MTV show host, filmmaker, choreographer, and entrepreneur, Calvin D. Sun was born and raised in NYC and received his B.A. from Columbia University and his M.D. from SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, graduating as Vice President and President of both his classes respectively.

He went on to create The Monsoon Diaries, an international community and travel company that has taken hundreds to 160+ countries in the past 7 years including North Korea, Iraq, Iran, and Antarctica. It has been featured on countless media sources including BBC News, ABC News, Huffington Post, and USA Today.

Calvin served on the Board of Directors for nearly a decade on ECAASU as its longest serving member, is the chief medical physician for most of the large-scale races and marathons in NYC metro area, continues to be one of the youngest TED Speakers in the social justice speaking circuit, and works full time as a Emergency Medicine physician at various hospitals in underserved areas across the country.


Calvin Ng

•Making Change a Reality

Calvin graduated Northwestern University in 2017 with a degree in Materials Engineering and currently works as an internal consultant for Discover Financial Services. In his profession, he has learned about the importance of leadership, change management, and emotional intelligence, and hopes to pass it along to those who share an interest in these topics.


Canwen Xu

•The Fetishization of asian women

Canwen Xu is a junior at Columbia University studying Political Science and Computer Science. Although she currently resides in New York City, she grew up in 3 of the 9 American states where cows outnumber people: North Dakota, South Dakota, and Idaho. Her TEDx talk from 2016, titled “I Am Not Your Asian Stereotype,” details her experiences growing up in the Midwest and currently has over 1.4 millions views on YouTube. About one year ago she spoke at Boston University’s Breaking Boundaries alongside Kevjumba, Awkwafina, and Blogilates. When she’s not studying at the library, she enjoys petting cats, eating tiramisu, exploring new coffee shops, and spending time with her friends and family. She plans to pursue a career in finance after graduation.


Cheyenne Cheng

•Documenting Our History & the Importance of Intersectionality

Cheyenne Cheng is a fourth-year at the University of Florida. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Psychology with minors in Sociology and Disabilities in Society. On campus, she currently serves as the president of Delta Alpha Pi, the disability honor society, and project coordinator for the Asian American History Project at the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program where she documents the experience of being Asian American in the South. She is a student activist within her community and has worked on projects with other activists ranging from getting free hygiene products on campus to advocating for more funding for ethnic studies. After graduating, Cheyenne plans to pursue a career in mental health counseling and advocacy work. In her free time, she likes to do photography, listen to music, and find new projects to tackle.


Cory Wong

•The Harvard Asian-American Discrimination Case: Whose Battle Are We Fighting For?

Cory Wong is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is obtaining a double major in neuroscience and Chinese. Cory’s primary research focuses on biology education and effective teaching practices to improve the way biology is learned. Beyond academics, he has a strong passion for social justice and Chinese-American identity. Cory’s interest with Asian American/Pacific Islander issues began with himself, who identifies as a first-generation college student and part of the LGBTQ community. His personal desire to learn of the relations between ethnic identity and equity in education and healthcare is followed closely by his desire to teach them. Cory dreams of a world where suffering is small, and dogs are plentiful.


Edita Dyer

•Navigating Patriarchy and Its Effects on Asian Cultures

Edita is a third year studying Integrated Physiology at the University of Colorado at Boulder and is a sister of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority Inc. at the Phi Chapter on CU Boulder's campus. Sigma Psi Zeta is a historically asian interest, progressive, multicultural greek organization. Our philanthropy is to combat the violence against womxn, especially womxn of color.


Tina Nguyen

Tina Nguyen is currently a fourth year at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her major is Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a double minor in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies. In addition, she is working towards a public health certificate. She is a sister of Sigma Psi Zeta. For the past three years, she has worked with the I Have A Dream Foundation, tutoring the kids involved in the program. During her free time, she likes to go to the gym and check out food spots in Colorado.

Esther Park.jpeg

Esther Park

•(Re)Claiming Your Mental Health as an Asian-American

Esther Park was born in South Korea and immigrated to the USA at the age of 3. She grew up in Colorado, graduating from University of Denver with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology. She completed her masters and doctoral studies at Biola University, Rosemead School of Psychology. After finishing her coursework, she moved to New York where she completed her doctoral internship at Manhattan Psychiatric Center, working extensively with individuals suffering from severe mental illness, comorbid disorders, and personality disorders by providing them with individual and group psychotherapy. After receiving her doctorate degree in 2017, she moved back to Colorado, where she started her practice, Park Psychotherapy. Some of her specialties include working with individuals to explore, understand, and construct their multicultural identity, trauma, and surviving narcissistic abuse.

Kuan Wang

Feven Yohannes

•Social Media as a New Political Platform

Kuan Wang is currently a senior studying Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder with a minor in Business. She is also a sister of Sigma Psi Zeta. She is a strong believer that we are stronger in numbers. From that belief sparked the idea that although the Asian community are amazing supporters towards one  another, we could stand even stronger if we united across all cultural communities. Her hobbies include dancing, long walks on the beach, and lame jokes.

A senior at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Feven is studying political science and plans to pursue a career in public health law. Passionate about social issues, Feven has participated in a number of on campus student organizations devoted to the equity of students of color, most recently participating in the Inclusion, Diversity, and Excellence (IDEA)  initiatives on campus.


Jingwen Yessi Ouyang

•Relationship Psych 101: Fundamental Science of Close Relationships

Delta Phi Lambda Sorority - Lambda Chapter at Purdue University

Arriagnew Relationships and Close Connection lab Research Assistant

Currently working on research concerning relationship portrayed in media

Self-Motivation and Social Identity lab Research Assistant, Co-Author for publishing paper Mental Health America Volunteer Counseling Assistant


JR Kuo

•Mental Wellness and Self-Care

JR Kuo is a firm believer that everyone holds an infinite amount of space within, calling us to express our truest selves. Everyone matters! He invites you to experience the wonders of what it means to be at ease and create the life you crave.

JR is the CEO of CoffeeWithJR, a professional speaker, and trainer. He is also the Co-Founder and Program Director of Friends DO Make a Difference, a mental health training program designed for college students. He has facilitated and trained students at over 35 universities and conferences across the USA, including Harvard, Stanford, and Vanderbilt. He has taught leadership, cultural competency, and mental health classes at the University of Colorado Boulder and Regis University.


Justin Chu

•Yolk Inside an Eggshell: Asian Imagery in Western Media

Justin is a second generation Chinese-American from Orlando, Florida. He currently attends the University of Central Florida (UCF) studying Business Economics. During the summer of his sophomore year, he attended his first Asian Pacific Islander (API) conference at UC Berkeley; which was a part of his summer internship with the Asian-Pacific American Public Affairs (APAPA). There, he learned about issues within the API community. Inspired by his passionate peers from the conference, he became determined to educate, and empower his community back in Central Florida. Currently, Justin is serving as the Conference Director for the East Coast Asian American Student Union for the 2019 Conference. On his free time, he enjoys reading, traveling to new places and documents the human condition.


Richard An

Richard is a passionate film maker who also happens to run a local doughnut shop in the Orlando area. He started making short films with his best friend Justin since the 7th grade. From watching WongFu videos to countless movies of the criterion collection, he knew there was a bridge to be made between AAPI representation and films. With an interest in the human condition, Richard attempts to showcase the stories of the AAPI community through cinematic techniques and storytelling. In his free time he enjoys watching professional League of Legends, reading, and photography.


Vinh Dang

Vinh graduated from Stockton University with a B.S. in Biology and is pursuing a career in medicine. His passions revolve around AAPI representation in media, history, and primarily challenges and issues of Pacific Islanders. He currently serves as the Advocacy Communications Coordinator of the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU). His love for movies and TV shows is prevalent in his drive to advocate for better representation of individuals in the AAPI community. His hobbies include running for long periods of time, hiking mountains, cooking, photography, making corny YouTube videos, puns, and cultivating plants


Justin Winkel

•The Journey: A Discussion on Asian Adoption

Justin Winkel is a Korean Adoptee from Eastern Iowa and is a brother of Pi Alpha Phi National Fraternity Inc. He is currently a professional in Fraternity & Sorority Life and working for SLB. He spent majority of his Master’s Degree working with Asian student organizations at Iowa State University and has been doing a number of leadership and identity based workshops since then.


Lynn Berry

•What My Race Meant as a Korean-American Business Owner

Lynn is half-Korean and half-white, and has always been placed in the minority group purely based on her appearance and not her abilities. She grew up believing she needed to prove herself and do something that made an impact. She graduated from CU Boulder with a bachelors in Sociology, working in childhood education and with at-risk youth, but opportunities were limited. Eventually she was not happy with what she was doing or who she was as a person. That was when she was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship, where no one but herself can define how far she can go. Now, she owns an event planning business where she helps people fulfill their dreams of having the perfect day.


Stephanie Tanny

•How to Build Power Through Your Immigration Story

Stephanie and her family immigrated from Indonesia to the United States when she was two years old. She grew up in Denver, and double majored in Ethnic Studies and Sociology at Colorado State University. She has been working in the social justice field for 8+ years and previously served on the CIRC Board of Directors from 2012-2015.

Stephanie has helped generate over $1 million for sexual violence prevention and has won national leadership awards including the Top 15 Asian American Women Leaders in 2011. She has been interviewed by MSNBC, the Westword, The White House Project, and has appeared live on C-SPAN.

Stephanie is passionate about creating more diverse and inclusive communities, and she is looking forward to continuing on her work with CIRC.


Susanna Park

•Voluntourism: Breaking Down Your Savior Complex

Susanna was born and raised in Colorado and obtained her BA and MA degrees at the University of Denver. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Health at Oregon State University. She loves to learn, hike, and travel. Her desire is to make a positive impact in both small and grand ways for the global community.